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20-06-2005, 05:08
My family is moving to Moscow from the USA in August 2005.

Does anyone know of a baseball league for an 11 or 12 year old boy? How about for an 8 year old boy?

Also, my 8 year-old daughter is awesome in gymnastics, so does anyone know of a gymnastics program for her?


20-06-2005, 10:51

I am certain I have seen advertisements for a youth baseball/softball program in Moscow, but a google search did not turn anything up off the bat (sorry for the pun). Hopefully someone else can be of a little more help!

ghost 6-3
20-06-2005, 15:17
Every spring there is a Moscow Youth Basball League - but that is only for six weeks (www.moscowsports.com).

There is a Russian Little League, however they are fanatics - they would be happy to have your son, but at his age, they would expect him to practice/play no less than four times a week, year round (though they break in summer). Playing three months or so doesn't cut it for them. Admittedly, they are very good, but still.... I don't have the contact info for the Russian league I know of (I am out of the country now), but I think you can find more at http://www.moscowbaseball.ru/ with an English language story at http://www.moscowbaseball.ru/news/russian/2005/scoutseng.html. You may also want to take a look at http://profsport.gsnet.ru/english_schools/sdushor2.htm

I know nothing about gymnastics, but at eight years old, if your daughter hasn't already decided to dedicate every moment of the rest of her life to gymnastics, you also might find that it is all a bit overdone here.