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19-06-2005, 16:49
Some body, please explain to me, why can't I enter the chat room ?

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21-06-2005, 15:05
Is there no admin in here or my question doesn't worth a reply?

21-06-2005, 15:08
TD is the guy to sort this out (if it's actually broken) and he's not here at the moment.

Could be your browser not set up for cookies or java or something?? (What error message are you getting?).

Also, no one actually uses it, so you aren't really missing much!

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21-06-2005, 17:57
an unknown error occured while connecting to the Digi chat server. Please contact the administratorincharge of the site.

java.long.exception.Httpservletaddress not specified.

This is the error message i get. I did download the Java and enabled the cookies.

23-06-2005, 11:37
If you want to be in a room on your own, I'd go to the toilet instead ;)