View Full Version : Studio, on canal across Red Square, special rate Sept. 9-18 and Sept. 28 - Oct. 3

Uncle Pasha
05-09-2010, 10:01
Sleeps 2-3 comfortably, air, wi-fi, computer and printer, large desk (the apartment is set up as a home office), quiet, well-kept (almost "evroremont")... Normally $120/night, $700/week, $2000/month. I have two hole in the schedule that I'm motivated to fill: Sept. 9 to 18, and Sept. 28 to Oct. 3. Non-insulting offers (20% off usual rates) welcomed. Please don't write with your $25/night offers. Oh, if you are interested in that price range see my www.cheap-moscow.com/homestay.htm. Several OK rooms in the $20-50/night range. My apartment is described, wtih lots of photos of the place and the neighbourhood, at www.unclepasha.com/moscow_apartment.htm