View Full Version : kutuzovsky prospekt - any gyms nearby ?

02-09-2010, 13:37
Hi, recently moved here, and work in moscow city. Am wondering if there are any good gyms located close to here. I've been to the world class gym in moscow city, and am not that keen on it. It's certainly got some nice equipment, but it's a bit too cosmetic for my liking (am used to training in boxing gyms) and the swimming pool is a joke, also it's not exactly cheap. Heard Ukraine Hotel has a gym but it's very expensive. Is there anything else around here that anyone could recommend ?!?


09-09-2010, 13:46
Hi there,

I also live on Kutuzovsky and am looking for a gym. Today I went to the Ukraine Hotel at the gym called Royal Wellness Club and was so impressed by the place although it is very posh to say the least. The best thing about the "gym" is that is has a 5 lane 50 m swimming pool, Technogym equipment and all the free weights you can think of. The maximum subscriptions they will handle is 1,000 and I was told that there are maximum 10 people per day. The total area of the gym layout is about 400 m2. I was going to join until I heard the price which is RUR220,000 per year to be paid in advance. They only offer this type of membership so it is way over my budget but if I had the money I would for sure do it because it is a pretty amazing place.

If you happen to find anything let me know because I too want to strat moving my a**.

Good luck,