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02-09-2010, 01:00
Hi All

Im back in Russia for the 3rd time but this time with Permanent Residency. Planning on staying here for a few years.

Anyway can someone please tell me if an international drivers permit is all i need to allow me to drive with my Australian drivers license.

If not could someone please tell me what steps i need to take to get a genuine drivers license here is RF. i.e what do i do? where do i go? a step by step guide would be super if anyone can be bothered.

Thanks in Advance

02-09-2010, 09:23
Not 100% sure of this, but based on what people have said elsewhere on the forum (have a search), you need a Russian driver's license if you have PRP. You need only an international license if you have TRP.

You may well be able to get away with an international license under PRP, as it's a reasonable gamble that the GAI will not know the intricacies of this rule. On the other hand, if they are trying to shake you down, then you will have problems.

I got a Russian driver's license 10 years ago - I needed to take a Russian theory test, and present a notarised translation of your driver's license and, I think, your passport as well. This was all done at the GAI that then dealt with foreigners, in Kolomenskoye. The theory test takes a bit of work - you need to get 18 out of 20 questions right, and they are not straightforward. Took me about a month of working with the "bilety" that you can get in any bookshop. Lots of niggling little rules that are routinely ignored by all Russian drivers, especially the police and drivers of government vehicles.

Lots of people have said they paid to avoid taking the test, there may be agents available via the board who can help with this, maybe try gai-help.ru, who are very good at helping with registering cars.

I actually need to renew my Russian driver's license, and some kind soul on the board tells me that it can be done on Polyanka, but I need to check this. I have heard somewhere that the foreigners' GAI has changed location.

02-09-2010, 13:59
Am driving for past 7 years with my foreign driving licence and a notarial translation. No problem (except that they always complain that my old licence has no date on it when it runs out.) I have no residency but a visa. But the GAI are not supposed to check neither your passport neither your visa so there is any way no problem with that. Dont go through that driving test hassle!

02-09-2010, 14:41
With permanent residency by law you need to apply for a Russian driver's license.