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31-08-2010, 23:29
may be you have seen in news, that Putin was driving Lada Kalina from Kahabarovsk to Chita (yellow Lada).

I have found a video with that:

in his cortege there were 3 yellow Kalinas in total :) :) :) :) :) !!!!!!

the first one, where Putin was
The second one, probably, was for obfuscating possible terrorists (?)
the third one (on an evacuator) was for "just in case" (! :) :) :) )

Frankly speaking his cortege was not very impressive (about 20 cars)!

YouTube- Путин едет на Калинах

01-09-2010, 13:59
Oh God! This man is just like a little boy who didn't play enough toys during his childhood. Now as a president he can access any real size toy and he enjoys this... like no end disnayland for a big boy... airplanes/submarines/helicopters/motorcycles/whale hunting/tank driving/fire engines and so on and so forth....
I am getting tired of his non-stop entertainment voyages. Can someone give him Lego please and a ticket to amusement park....

01-09-2010, 14:43
I do not think, that he is just playing toys.

To my mind, it was some kind of PR to maintain or to strenghen the image of a leader: fast, mobile, strong and so on.

All these stories with his fishing being half naked was quite attracted to woman over ... y.o. and as they say even gays. :)

All thes stories with helicopters and planes - for men over ...y.o.

Bike show was "good" for yong people.

As for Lada Kalina, I can not understand, what is a target audience.

I wonder, what will be the next very soon?

I guess, he will particiate in X-mas parties for children, playing the part of Ded Moroz to get coverage of parents with small children.

01-09-2010, 15:04
As for Lada Kalina, I can not understand, what is a target audience.

Voters? ;)

Russia isn't the only country in the world faced with the problem of an ailing car industry pumping-out poor overpriced cars that no-one wants.

But the other AvtoVaz story is that they are reviving production of the "chetvertka" for the lowest possible price (approx 150,000R new, on-the-road) and that they cannot keep pace with demand for it.


Seems like the Kalina designers forgot to ask their target market what kind of car they actually want?