View Full Version : Golden Seal or it's equivalent

14-06-2005, 18:26
I can only imagine the useful info that I'll get here, but I'm trying to help out a friend...seriously...

Does anyone know if Golden Seal or something similar in terms of helping clean out someone's system of er...stuff is available here? and if so, what is it called? and where to get it?

anything that might help a mate get through a potential p*ss test is greatly appreciated. if you prefer to send PMs, please do...

thanks to those who might be able to help out!

14-06-2005, 18:47
lots of water (with gass preferably), Vitamin C 2000mg per day, Liver detox (herbal if possible), Multi Vitamin (sonatogen) take 2 of 3 tablets a day depending on what your trying to flush.

There is a few new products on the market designed to wash out the system. If you PM me and tell me whats hes trying to remove I can give you the answere

Viagra Girl
18-06-2005, 02:55
Non specific treatment: Polifepan or enterosgel (last one is better). Essentsiale for liver. Vitamins.