View Full Version : Aight buddy, you've been 86-ed

11-06-2005, 21:19
Other than blatant violation of the sites rules:

1) Should there be a more transparent system of banning (barring) ppl?
2) Should PM warnings eventually gravitate to public warnings?
3) Should'nt the condemned just be shoved into some worthless folder (like "Wolfies Bar") where they can take appointments from anyone else who wants to play? Rename the folder...another poll idea!

If you think about it, it's in the best interests of the site that this procedure be revisited. It's tiresome being distracted from the important business of discussing who shags/drinks/earns/bullsh*t's the most!

11-06-2005, 22:56
Oh gawddd ;)

11-06-2005, 23:08
Oh gawddd ;)
Really, I've got enough trouble keeping good relations with my wife! Let's nip this in the bud...wuddya say?

14-06-2005, 23:56
Good. Settled, and thanx to the two who had the cajones to vote (nothing else to do eh?) repeatedly in one instance :) .

Yawn..I hate polls!