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09-06-2005, 15:51
Hi , i ll like to bring a car temporary in Russia :
- how long am i allowed to keep my car in Russia
without changing the number or registering it .
- shall i pay anyway to the border ?

thank you for any info .


15-06-2005, 14:33
Assuming you are not a Russian citizen, you can actually keep the car here indefinitely on your foreign plates. However, it is a bit of a hassle. Here is how it works:

1) When you cross the border (say, from Finland), you will have to show Russian liability insurance, or OSAGO (which you can also by at the border, for inflated prices), and then they will give you a temporary import permit (Udosteverenie vremennogo vvoza), which will be valid for a maximum of two months. Other than for the insurance, you will not have to pay anything at the border. (You will also need to show your driving license and vehicle registration documents).

2) Before that permit expires, you will have to take the car to the customs office in the city where you live. (I'm in Moscow, but I don't have the address with me. If you need it, PM me and I'll get it for you.) There, they will check your documents and registration, insurance, do a quick check of the car, and issue you another permit until the end of your registration on your migration card (i.e., maximum 6 months). When you get re-registered, you then have to go back to customs and renew the import permit. This all costs about 5,000-7,000 rubles, depending on the age of your car and the size of the engine.

3) At the end of the second six-month import permit (i.e., once the car has been in Russia for 1 year), you will have to drive it out of the country and then bring it back in, repeating steps 1 and 2.

Also, please note that you will have to make sure you always do your new visa / migration card and registration well in advance of their expiry dates, in order to have your OVIR registration done BEFORE your car import permit expires. Otherwise, you will have to hand your car over to the customs people for at least two days (which costs $30-$40 per day), have a series of unpleasant conversations with customs investigators, and pay a fine (something in the range of 2,000 rubles).

PM me if you have any other questions...