View Full Version : Acquiring British Sterling

23-08-2010, 21:07
I'm wondering how I can get the best rate and lowest or no comission in buying British Sterling in Moscow.

There's no Travelex here, but so far I am thinking it is best to just buy Sterling when I get in to Heathrow. I usually order from them commission free and collect before departure, but I can't order Sterling from their site.

I'm sure there's heaps of Brits here who go home and need to get some Sterling.


23-08-2010, 21:30
I just pull some out of the ATM on arrival in Heathrow. They even have an ATM at the top of the escalators to the baggage-hall in T2 now (Trans-Aero).

T4 is a bit of a shithole these days - I flew in there with Aeroflot (there was a special offer on tickets) and it was like a trip back to 1978.

24-08-2010, 10:02
I don't actually have any banking in Russia or in the Uk so carry cash most of the time. I'm still stuck on options as I usually have all the modern banking back home. I hope to look into getting a credit card in Russia soon.

I've a NZ mastercard which I can use here, but it's way to costly to be depositing earnings in Russia onto it so I can use it.

Cheers for the suggestion.

How much was that cheap fare? I thought BMI is generally the cheapest at about 230 quid a return flight. Aeroflot updates are probably the way to go.

24-08-2010, 13:45
Around 2-3 times per year, Aeroflot have a seat sale, but it's mostly a promotional event, and you have just one day to buy the ticket. But I got London for 5500R :) I hate Aeroflot usually - BMI/TransAero offer better service.