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09-06-2005, 11:36
Got some time to kill, so I may as well talk about D.E.B.S., the movie I had the misfortune of watching last night. The DVD box certainly makes you think something good will be contained within -- in Russian the title is literally "Spy Girls," and the cover photo has four nubile young women in short skirts: hott. The premise is that there is a secret test hidden in the SAT to find out whether you will be a good spy or not -- if you pass this secret test, you are drafted into the spy-corps. The female version is called D.E.B.S. There appeared to be a counterpart for boys, but I don't think they ever gave it a name (errors in common scriptwriting/filmmaking sense like these were many). Although the organization is theoreticallly secret, it keeps a rather high profile, hanging out with the FBI, CIA, etc. and going solo on crimestopping missions. The premise is that the girls are on the tail of a female uber-criminal who turns out to be a lesbian. And she becomes attracted to one of the D.E.B.S. Hilarity should ensue, but it doesn't. Not even the lesbian tongue-lashings provide enough excitement to get over the boredom factor of this bomb. Yes, I watched it all, but it was only because I hate myself. 3.0, below imdb's generous 5.6.