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22-08-2010, 21:59
Hi people!

Im currently living in moscow. I normally come here on 3 month visa's. I've recently been looking into getting a car and a licence. I have a UK provisional license but i know thats of no use here. I'm thinking about doing my test over here. The main thing that im wondering about is that once my registration finishes I loose my license right, so what happens when I come back, can I go to G.A.I and get it re-registered or do I have to take that whole test again??



25-08-2010, 17:23
Hi Richard,

I have a Russian Drivers License valid only on my registration, when it expires so does the DL, upon getting new registration they give you another based on your new registration and valid for that period. For me I do it annually, cost me 400 rubles for each reissue. I hope this info helps a little.

25-08-2010, 22:54
You can get an IDL which is normally valid for 5-10 years irrespective of your original...Get it translated,and it should be enough.Thats what I have been doing for the past several years.Saves you the trouble of extending your Russian drivers license each time.

01-09-2010, 16:19
I've got a US license and it's valid here. I heard it's good for something like 1 year but I haven't been pulled over to find out.

08-10-2010, 17:50
Having never been pull off or arrested does not legalize any action/s that has broken the law... it's all good luck.
Those who are here on a visa / TRP and others status may enjoy driving with their native DL international or not as long it is translated and notarized. Only for these status .. Emphasized.

Anyone who has move a step further and became a permanent resident .. MUST within a year of the new status be issued with a Russian DL(Comp test is administered ) .

08-10-2010, 17:59
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12-01-2011, 13:03
Will a Russian IDL also only last for you registration periode?

Best regards and many thanks in advance

12-01-2011, 21:39
Glad this thread re-appeared!

Well, I've been here for almost 10 years and my Russian license is expiring soon, does anyone know if the license facility for foreigners is still located in the same place (somewhere in the South-Central part of Moscow)?

Any help would be appreciated!

Nevermind - if the site is correct, it is still in the same place:

ul. Delovaya 15 bldg. 1 (ул. Деловая, д. 15 строение 1) - Kantemirovskaya/Tsaritsino Metro