View Full Version : Bringing a car driven by someone else

19-08-2010, 14:05
I have the car in Romania, I am already living in Russia. I want to bring my car here under temporary import provisions. Can I have someone driving it for me here to Moscow or I have to be at the border with the car in person? If I give a Power of Attorney translated in Russian and apostiled, would this do at the border? If anyone has any clue about this please drop a note. Cheers!

19-08-2010, 22:13
Hi Tavi,

At the border you will be doing the temporary import papers "vremennyi vvoz" on one persons name. No one else can drive the car in Russia.
You need to at least come to the border and do the papers on your name.


20-09-2010, 17:32
I have seen drivers at the boarder that had cars which were not on their name. I suppose that if the car is on your name there should not be a problem here in Moscow to prolong the Vremnie Voz and if there is a problem you might fix it. I have a telephone number of a guy that can tell you (in Russian)...a so called "fixer". pm me if you like.
I also refer to my thread in this forum "bringing your beloved car to Russia" (note that you have to read it from the end, it has many pages)