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Polia Ivanova
02-06-2005, 17:03
Well, the chap is from Wales actually but he is a Liverpool supporter.

Reds fan who missed Euro final wins 13m

Jun 1 2005

Liverpool Echo

A LIVERPOOL fan has won a 13m lottery jackpot win.

But Ken Henry, 58, says he will not be able to buy a season ticket at Anfield because of the club's waiting list.

The factory cleaner from Llanelli, who won the top prize on the Lotto Extra game, had a ticket to watch the Reds' Champions League victory in Istanbul last week, but was unable to go because he had to work.

Mr Henry said: "I could not swop my shifts. If I had won this a week earlier, I would not have cared and could have just packed up and gone.

"My first thought was 'great, I can now get a season ticket for Liverpool'. But I have checked and I have been told there is a waiting list. It is the one thing I want more than anything."

02-06-2005, 21:49
Has he got a phone number? Plenty of my mates will sell him theirs for a decent price. 5,000 o.n.o