View Full Version : Forget nongs - real men are "noodle(r)s"

29-05-2005, 20:36

Anyone know a place where we can do this in Russia? With sturgeon maybe?

29-05-2005, 21:16
There is no end to the great "hobbies" that bored men can come up with

Chubby Hubby
30-05-2005, 15:24

"Ma....HEY MA!!! Dad and I just got our pictures in the paper again!"

"That's nice, sweetie, but if you keep showing up in the police blotter, the tech school won't let you go back if you decide to take a third semester!"

"No, no, ma... it's on account of the fact that Pa and I are such good noodlers!"

"Wow - great! Let me clip a copy of it and send it to your grandma - which fishing magazine is it?"

"One I've never heard of - The Economist!"

30-05-2005, 15:31
Is it just me or do those supposed "catfish" look suspiciously like the wombs of humpback whales? Now THAT'D be a hobby for a real man.