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Moscow Wolf
29-05-2005, 12:59
My owner says I've got to go to a new home, but we can't find one. I'm female, cute, highly intelligent and have lots of energy. I was born during the first week on March 2005. I like climbing, jumping, running and swinging on things; travel into rooms and places I'm not supposed to go. I'm not afraid of heights, I love giving my owner a near heart-attack by walking along the thin ledge of our 15th floor balcony or strolling along the outside of the window ledge and looking into the kitchen from the outside.

I'm fully toilet trained, eat solids (whiskas and whiskas biscuits are my favourites). I have no known illnesses, fleas or parasites, but I've never seen a vet to be honest. Here is my photo below? If you're interested in having me as your kitten/cat then please post here as my owner is going away on a business trip and them on holidays so he might not see any PM's. However, he has friends who watch out for him and if you post here, they will SMS him with the information. Thank you or Meow Meow.

Moscow Wolf
29-05-2005, 13:05
Another pic of me with my brother - Elvis.

29-05-2005, 13:09
u have a cat factory at your place, havent you? :-)
Where does your cat find all those tomcats if you live on the 15th floor...

Moscow Wolf
29-05-2005, 13:24
I see that you've missed some episodes in the long running series of Wolfie's kittens! lol. So in brief the story so far............

1 - New Year Jan 05 - Mother cat is rescued from the street outside of a casino at 04.00 limping and hungry brought back to Wolfie's lair for rest and recuperation.

2. Mother cat (who we thought was a kitten) gets better and bigger and bigger and we understand that she is pregnant.........

3. 1/2nd March, Mother gives birth to 5 kittens (1 stillborn).

4. Wolfie with help from friends and Cat raises kittens

5. Two kittens find new homes...........

6. Mother cat gets frisky, does a bunk through the door down the steps never to be seen again (so far).

7. GF decides she wants to keep the male kitten, Elvis...........

8. Wolfie still trying to find a new home for Duracell..........

Will the story have a happy end........ Only you the viewers can decide; look in twice a week for the next episode of 'Cats from Hell'...... :rolleyes:

29-05-2005, 13:37
LOL, that does sound like an horror movie trailer:-) So the only one is free to good home out of 5 now... I will ask some of my friends tomorrow although most of them are in your shoes trying to find new homes for their fluff balls. I'd take one but i already have two b****rds Gin and Tonic

29-05-2005, 13:44

it's not of any real help just something to cheer you up:)

Moscow Wolf
29-05-2005, 14:53
Well it didn't! Faced with that choice, I'd take the cat any day.

Moscow Wolf
30-05-2005, 02:59
Episode 3 million and 1 of 'Cats From Hell'

Loud Constant Meowing heard outside of door............

Door opened and Mother cat bolts in as fast as she bolted out a week a go.........

Cat goes straight to food bowls and eats everything, drinks a dish of water and then says - sorry..... Grrrr

Cat looks sexually satisfied

Wolfie, phones vet and gets given the good news that all is not lost, she doesn't have to have more UNWANTED kittens and she can be done for R2,700

Wolfie, contemplates spending this money at the Vets or to hire a cat Hitman...........

Kittens and Mother reunited in very emotional scene...........

Stay tuned for the next episode of 'Cats from Hell' - Who killed JR Ewing Cat :rolleyes:

30-05-2005, 03:53

Moscow Wolf
30-05-2005, 04:25
Not sure if I should edit out this afternoon's shot where Wolfie forgets to close the door to the living room and returns later to find his best house plant toppled - nobody owns up, trail of soil leads to usual suspects, DVD's flying in general direction of cat/kittens like 'Odd Job' from James Bond movie. All those free chop sticks brought in to support wrecked pot plant. I think that this scene is too violent for ordinary viewers, don't you! Grrrrrrrrrr.

30-05-2005, 04:51
They just need some affectionate care, give to me for a week and i'll have them ship-shape in no time.
Try feeding them fillet of Beef, fillet of Chicken and when they behave themselves a few boiled Shrimp, you won't know they exist. :rolleyes:

01-06-2005, 01:14
Hey Wolfe, first for the mother cat, I saw we all take up a collection and help fix the poor vamp so she will no longer have any more children born and thus give her a happier life to go out and hit the kitty bars all she wants. I'll donate $15, anyone else?

2nd, wolfe you'll have to take up the collection.

Moscow Wolf
03-06-2005, 10:01
For $15.00 you can have all 3 cats and Brader's cat carrying box, a toilet tray, whiskas, catsan................... Argh, I'm off on holidays, no more CATs from Hell for a whole week.

03-06-2005, 11:01
sssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! i have my own little koshmara...and my flatmates HATE her, and have now decided to not allow her in parts of the flat -- living room included...wish i could bar them from the flat, full stop...

if i could, i would gladly take duracell...alas, i can't...:(