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29-05-2005, 11:58
No0w tell me the fact did any one really experienced some thing really bad with the police in other countries? I feel that the militia in Russia is the worst. as described by my friend they are "Воры в форме - thieves in uniform". I donbt hnk any where else its this much bad. obviously my personal experience says the police in the city and in India, China, qatar, Dubai, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Spain, Italy & Germany are much more helpful and polite when compared to the militia in russia. amn't i true?

Moscow Wolf
29-05-2005, 12:23
You have to know the history of the country and people to understand how and why it is controlled in such a harsh way. (I make no pretensions of even trying too). However, the Militia do seem somewhat overbearing here and I'm sure that they take liberties in addition to other things!

It is a never ending discussion about what powers they actually have and I'd love to find out the proper interpretation from a Russian Lawyer. I don't mind being stopped (that much) for a document check, but when the Militia guy senses that my doc's are in order he starts asking me where I've come from,. where I'm going etc. I basically and politely tell him that its not his business. He then proceeds to question me about whether I'm working here to which I reply no and end of discussion; if you wish to arrest me then do so, if not, then please let me go.

Now in all honestly, I'd love to be rude, give him/them the big FO and walk on by, but I don't know my rights, also they can always fabricate something, its not that difficult to drag someone down the station hold them down and pour a bottle of vodka or two down your throat - (oh it has been done). So where do we stand then on the point(s) of Law? Sadie can you assist on this one?

29-05-2005, 12:30
Thats what i wanted to say they dont do this kind of stupid things in the city. Today morning the militsia took 100 hard earned bucks of my friend and they threatened putting him in some siberian jail. that poor guy doesn't know russian and he came back without saying a word. 2 years back when some russian guys attacked us near our hostel where we livw we called the militia and they came after 45 minutes though the station is just 5 minute walking distance from our hostel. We our selves had to catch those persons and hand over to the militsia. And after we wrote a complaint and on the way back to our hostel we saw that guy was out and he was showing his middle finger to us . Is that why they wear their uniforms? Why dont they change their "MILITIA" title to "CRIMINALS"?

Moscow Wolf
29-05-2005, 12:39
There is a Russian saying - 'That the Fish begins to smell at the Head', this is the problem in short and has been for a number of years. Nothing will change for the forseeable future. However, people are becoming more vocal here than they have ever been. Who knows when and where any changes for the better will come. I suppose that the main point is making sure that you don't leave any openings or crevices for them to lever open and get money out of you. If your doc's are not correct then you're open to exploitation. Not taking sides, but I'd rather have the option of paying a bribe and being set free than being arrested and deported as would happen in numerous countries. Contradicting myself a little here I know, as in most countries, nobody checks your documents on the streets.

I have no answer for you about the response time of the Militia. This I'm told is also happening in the UK too where the Police do not always respond to some requests and sometimes their response time is very slow. About getting the 'big finger' wel that happens too, only in the west a lawyer would get you out on the street quite quickly.

29-05-2005, 15:09
Sundar, NEVER WRITE IN RUSSIAN!!! or i'll complain to the admin that you're breaking the rules of the forum!!! :D :D :D :D

29-05-2005, 15:10
this summer i have a practice work in the office of public prosecutor......... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: may be it's my future place of work.... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

29-05-2005, 19:09
Not that simple... There are even some good guys in Russian Police. I meet them from time to time. :bookworm: :) :) :)

Britanski Soldat
29-05-2005, 19:10
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