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29-05-2005, 10:38
I am coming to Moscow with my wife and our child. I will be studying at a university for three years. For the first year, I will be studying in a prepatory language faculty.

Is it possible to obtain a family visa, i.e. one where my family is covered under my visa?

If not, what visas should they obtain?

thanks for your attention,

ghost 6-3
29-05-2005, 12:20
When I was a student, my son was included in my exit and entry visas. However, things change. If you are going to be studying at a PodFak (Podgotovitelny Fakultyet - i.e. prepatory language faculty) then the Dean of Foreign Students at your university will know about (and handle) this situation. You're paying, so make sure they provide the service.

If you are paying a middleman, require that that he ensure the proper visa and registration support (especially registration).

When I was a student, I paid the school cost (you should not be paying more than US$2500, excluding lodging); my exit/entry visas cost me 80 roubles (I think this has changed), but you have to apply for them 5-7 days before you want to leave.

29-05-2005, 12:41
In russia normally the admissian should not take more than the visa charges which is almost 40 dollars in our institute. The institute itself will arrange for the accomodation. The middle man utilize you to earn some bucks. Be sure you get the visa for you and your family before you come here. After you come here you can get the visa but it will be a complex thing. Let the middle man worry about that. If you need some help tall me the institute where you will be coming to and I'll do all the help i can. And one more thing Now in moscow most of the universities dont give room for your family but only for you on a 2 in 1 room basis. You might be needing to rent a apartment or flat or whatever they call it to live with your family. You should rent the apartment near to your institute for your own comfort. PM me for more details.

30-05-2005, 01:11
Thanks for your information.

I have applied to the People's Friendship University of Russia.

I will try to make contact with the dean of foriegn students for further information. If anyone has experience with this school, please send a PM.