View Full Version : Where is field hockey played in Moscow?

28-05-2005, 16:03
I remember seeing adverts in papers, but can't remember anything except that it is on Saturdays at 3 pm.

Anyone know the venue?


13-06-2005, 14:23
Expat Field Hockey Club invites men & women to play field hockey every Saturday afternoon from 3 pm to 5 pm (Spartak Football Training Center, 3A Oliyvniye Val.- Metro Sokolniki). Hockey Sticks are provided. Beginners are welcome.
Cost: 200 rbls.

Vineet Arora
E-mail: varora@next.nsv.ru
Tel.: 768-73-17

PS Field is in the back past the indoor buildings and midget golf, and not directly visible from the road.