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03-08-2010, 17:12

A FRENCH fashion house has caused a stir after announcing its latest stunning supermodel signing used to be a MAN.
Brazilian bombshell Lea T was plucked from the backroom staff of posh fashion giant Givenchy to star in its ad campaigns.

The leggy brunette born a man called Leandro Cerezo will also soon appear in Italian Vanity Fair and has posed naked for French Vogue.

Lea, 28, is currently having hormone replacement therapy before undergoing a sex change operation.

The beauty said the transformation has meant she has been shunned by her strict Catholic family including her dad former Brazil international footballer Toninho Cerezo.

The model said her father "doesn't even like to touch on this matter".

But she has remained positive saying: "The choice is between being unhappy forever or trying to be happy."

Givenchy's creative director, Riccardo Tisci, said of Lea: "She's a true goddess.

"She's always been very feminine - super-fragile, very aristocratic."

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03-08-2010, 17:14
They're just the first to come clean about it :)

Trannies have been modelling stockings and tights for years. Longer legs.

03-08-2010, 17:18

Anyone know any history on Transexuals? Is this a new thing? Were the operations even possible a few years ago? (ten or more)

Ian G
03-08-2010, 17:55


Anyone know any history on Transexuals? Is this a new thing? Were the operations even possible a few years ago? (ten or more)

I don't- but the Guardian has some good articles. Here's one:


From the article:
"In the UK, Michael (formerly Laura) Dillon managed to obtain gender reassignment treatment during the war. In the late 1940s he even had a penis constructed by the plastic surgeon Sir Harold Gilles, who later became famous for his work with burns victims. Michael Dillon trained and worked as a ship's doctor until he was outed by the Sunday Express in 1958. He withdrew to India where he became a Buddhist monk and writer until his death in 1962.

Modern transsexuality
Eight years before Dillon was outed, Christine Jorgensen, a former American GI, returned from Denmark where she had undergone the first of several operations as part of her gender reassignment, and the media picked up on the story. Overnight she became a news sensation, and was undoubtedly the most famous transsexual figure in the 20th century. She was beautiful, blond, and everybody's idea of the 'all-American girl'. As one obituary put it:

'Her very public life after her 1952 transition and surgery was a model for other transsexuals for decades. She was a tireless lecturer on the subject of transsexuality, pleading for understanding from a public that all too often wanted to see transsexuals as freaks or perverts ... Ms Jorgensen's poise, charm, and wit won the hearts of millions.' "

[Candice Brown Elliot, 1999]

Almost immediately, Jorgensen's psychiatrist in Denmark, Dr Hamburger, started receiving letters and in 1953 he published a paper, The desire for change of sex as shown by personal letters from 465 men and women. Suddenly medical professionals realised that these were not exceptional cases: there was a whole swathe of people who were unhappy because their gender role did not match their body.

The endocrinologist Harry Benjamin (who had trained at Hirschfield's clinic) set up a clinical practice, first in New York and later in San Francisco. He trained a new generation of psychiatrists and psychotherapists in the treatment of transsexual people. The former head of research at the UK Gender Identity Clinic at Charing Cross hospital, Professor Richard Green, trained with Benjamin. When Benjamin published the first major textbook on the subject, The Transsexual Phenomenon, in 1966, gender reassignment was still the subject of extensive social stigma both publicly and in the medical world. "

The Guardian also has regular diary-type pieces from Juliet Jaques, a woman who started out as a man, describing her experiences.

03-08-2010, 18:28
I could tell she was a man by the brow ridge and nose. Although a lot of natural born real women look like that too. :o

03-08-2010, 18:32
There was a reality dating show that came on in Britain some years back, I forgot the name. But it was all these guys competing for this gorgeous model. At the end, she tells the guy she picks that she was born a male and that's supposed to be the whole punchline of the show. Anyway, you really would have had no idea that she's transsexual. She seriously looked female in every way.

I've also heard the plastic surgeon from Dr. 90210 show say that many transsexuals who became women are happily married to men that have no idea about it.