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01-08-2010, 13:53
Can you help my friend ?

He is a British guy married to a Russian for around 8 years - they got married in Moscow.

They have a 6 year old daughter and are all currently living in Moscow - but he has just moved out.

He bought a good sized apartment here in joint names - which is essentially his only asset in Russia.

He has some assets outside Russia - mainly in the UK.

He hopes that the family can find a way to stay together - but feel this is unlikely. So would like to speak to a good Russian lawyer to find out "what might happen next ?" - if ... he decides to initiate the divorce or if his Wife decides to act first or does it make any difference ?

The big emotional question: is there any chance that he can get custody of his daughter ? She has joint Russian and UK citizenship. If the Wife gets custody - can she make access difficult even if agreed by the Court ?

The key financial question: what assets will a Russian court consider - those in Russia only or worldwide ? And what power does the Russian court have over "worldwide assets".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

24-08-2010, 23:01
I can advise excellent Russian lawyer Dmitry Labin. He the professor, teaches in МГИМО. Knows some languages. But it expensive lawyer. WWW.LABIN.RU
Still I can advise the excellent Russian lawyer, the former employee КГБ.Отличный the expert, is a lot of actions of proceeding выйграл. Write by personal mail if it is interesting

25-08-2010, 09:05
It looks as though my Friend has found a reasonable Russian speaking Lawyer - but we will definitely keep Labin in mind (just in case things do not work out).

My Friend's Russian is OK and he wanted to move reasonably quickly on this - so he ended up with a "real" Russian Law firm. They have some English speaking lawyers and they have Translators - but the "big guns" are Russian speakers.

I will keep you posted on whether this all works out.

He has been given the following Costings:
$3k - if everything goes smooth, everyone immediately agrees terms for property split, child access and support payments to:
$10k - if everything does not go smooth ...

Interested to hear other views whether these Costings are reasonable.