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31-07-2010, 15:53
I'm an English male who is considering a new career teaching English, and a move to Moscow

Have been doing some hardcore Googling over the last two days, and I am under the general impression English teachers make a good few quid in Moscow, correct me if i'm wrong.

I've been browsing through some posts in this forum, and i've read some positive and negative remarks, as you would see with any particular subject I suppose.

I understand that for an unqualified person the CELTA qualification is the way to go, i'm thinking to study this and apply for a job in Moscow in my own country. Is there any alternatives to this?, is it possible to turn up in Moscow, find work with an English school that are not too fussed about qualifications, then study my CELTA part time whilst working?

How much do schools actually pay?, some people here have said the pay is bad, do they mean bad in comparison to private lessons?, or bad is in a room with no heating, -35 degrees, eating porridge all day?!

Thanks in advance for any advice