View Full Version : I-phone 3GS-need to unlock

24-07-2010, 02:19
Got a gift from the US, with AT & T Sim on it. Need to get it unlocked. Gorbushka guys are saying - the unlocking program is N/A....
Anyone knows a guy who can unlock it??

24-07-2010, 10:53
I believe it can be unlocked, if you have the original SIM - have a look around the internet - it's a bit fiddly - but if you wait a couple of weeks, the unlocking jailbreaking people say that they will have a program to unlock US phones.
But my advice to you is to get a Russian speaking friend to speak to the unlocking/mending people who advertise on iphones.ru - I've definitely seen a work-around on the internet, but it involves a bit of hacking.

26-07-2010, 13:42
Thank you.
I have the At&T Sim. As i understand it will be better to wait for a few weeks to get a better deal on unlocking.
I will wait, if you have any new info, please let me know.

26-07-2010, 14:31
Whether you can unlock it depends on when the iPhone was produced. Can you have a look at the backcover and check the model description? If it says "MC....", then you won't be able to unlock it at this point. The problem is that newer models of the 3Gs have a security-enforced so-called BootRom, which previous models don't have. This makes it difficult to unlock it properly.

Check out the website of the Devteam and read yourself through their blog. You'll find out quite easily whether it's possible or not, depending on your model and manufacturing date.