View Full Version : permission for new member to post: wait how long?

19-05-2005, 19:46
A friend registered yesterday, and activated his account. The message from the site said he cannot post until he is being approved by the site maintainers, and that he should wait for a message to confirm the permission to post. So far -- no message, and no posting option enabled for him.

How long does it normally take to get the posting permission? And is he gonna be notified if for whatever reason he is denied the privilege? (Although he can think of no reason why he can be considered ineligible.)

And, finally, if a person has this kind of problem, can't make posts and has no friend like me, who is already a member, but he still wants to bring his problem to the attention of the site owners -- how can he communicate with the site? Through what?

19-05-2005, 19:55
The new members are reviewed every 24 hours or so, somtimes sooner. If he/she has filled in his/her details correctly and he/she isn't identified as a banned member then they will be fine, They will get an email either way... must go, I've got to give all the new members the good news ;)

20-05-2005, 17:33
Very valid points Melissa, I sent several emails to the addresses posted on the main Expat page, never got a reply. A friend tried to sign in, never got any email confirmation, tried to email the Admin a couple of times, never got a reply. then tried to register a new name with this address but was told "this address is already in use". Catch 22.

I found another thread on the subject http://expat.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=21186 , and the same questions were not answered. I hope someone will get to it some time soon.

thanks a lot.

23-05-2005, 00:48
check your junk folder dude. expats mails end up in junk folder for some reason i found that during my registration.