View Full Version : log in and password for expat site

19-05-2005, 17:32
...i type in the first letter of my password and the first letter of my login, and pronto, i'm in...
is the computer so clever that he can remember / knows the rest...
or are the log in amd password just here to annoy us?

DJ Biscuit
19-05-2005, 17:32
That's the way you have got your computer set up.

Green Tea
19-05-2005, 17:45
Anyone want some cookies ?

DJ Biscuit
19-05-2005, 17:46

19-05-2005, 21:04
.. fair enough cookies, but than why not hotmail or yahoo or any other of may e-mail, they don't even accept it if i write in capital letters..
and sorry, i am an ignorant where computers are concerned, i typed in something different ( not my name and log-in) and it opened anyway.

soooooooooo, is there someone ALWAYS LOOKING IF I TURN ON MY E-MAIL..
expat site and so on?!