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19-05-2005, 17:11
Anyone was in Che? Any good? thanx

DJ Biscuit
19-05-2005, 17:14
Big Mojitas, far too much 'Latino Music'. Food is said to be good. Relaxed democratic atmosphere.

19-05-2005, 17:53
it's been a long time but when i went there the food was very good and the atmosphere was great. russian girls that could really dance to latin music (the russian male has no f*** idea what rhythm is) and i even got to play clave (a percussion instrument) with the band. that's all i can remember. oh, and the weed was really good too.

and it's guevara, eh. respect comandante cannabis.

Chubby Hubby
19-05-2005, 22:02
Do they have a menu for the weed or do I have to use sign language?

19-05-2005, 22:07
u have to make reservations. full stop. they are a must.

19-05-2005, 23:20
thanks everyone, will check it out on weekend ;)

20-05-2005, 14:45
u have to make reservations. full stop. they are a must.

Not true if you get there arond 10 pm. Just say you want to have fun and you're OK with a place at the bar. If you want to eat then, yes, call a few days in advance.

P.S. It gets really crowded by midnight - 1 a.m.

Billie Bob
24-05-2005, 11:38
I recall when Che just opened up. But the place caught on, almost right away.

Moscow doesn't have that many latin restaurants, so this fills in just fine.

The atmosphere is more like a dungeon filling, with military atributes, christmas tree light decorations, has a vip room, and a second floor balcony (which i would suggest, if you plan to eat here for a weekend dinner time, or club time)

I don't recall reservations, dont think they accept them. (I might be wrong). But if you become a member or a regular there, they will take care of you. Ive been there atleast 6 times, 3 times as an invited guest to a table.

Russians love the place, they really go crazy there, and the age varies.
You will find plenty of girls, who love to dance latin dances, and the place goes mad. As the night progresses, alot of females start dancing on the bar, and some of them will end up dancing non stop, as if they are definitely on ectasy. The dance floor is soo damn packed, that you will be dancing like sardines.

The exception of course, if you are on the 2nd floor, if you have a table there, you'll be able to dance safely and opennly.

Thats if of course, if you plan to dance.

Food, is fine, no complaints. Then again, I never manage to eat the food all at once, as the platefull of appetizers end up sticking around the tabel during the course of the night.

So if you're looking for fun and activity, you will love this place.
If you wish to have a dining experience, its fine.
price wise, a bit more expensive, but acceptable.

Che is open 24 hours.

I've always had a great time there. Russians know how to party, and Ive stayed there till 7am partying it up all the way.

lunchtime, its also nice, air conditioned.

I give the place 8 for the action and the atmosphere.

24-05-2005, 12:50
the times i have been, they always asked if we had reservations..when we said no they didn't even want to let us into the bar for waiting....this is during the lunch and dinner rush times.

Billie Bob
24-05-2005, 13:16
the 3 times I was there as an invited guest to a party table. so yes, they do have some sort of reservation system.
the other 3 times I was there, I had no problem getting in for lunch or dinner time, or party time.

I do recall however, that the face control guy at the door way, did tell people that the restaurant was packed, and only members can come in. I was part of a dinner party, so i didn'tr have that problem. the place was packed too...