View Full Version : 120 years ago,Josephine Cochrane from Shelbyville

22-07-2010, 21:04
anyone knows who was the lay and what she invented?I am sitting in my hotel room in Vienna. It is to hot to be outside so I am watching TV with one eye and do Expat with the other.
The good lady invented 120 years ago the dishwasher. and a woman as businesslady THAT TIME was something unheard of in the USA.
Good for her and i assume millions of housewives but also many a man should say a big thank you to her.

22-07-2010, 21:07
Interesting. In my house, and that of my parents, mum or dad cook and kids do the washing up.

Since we got dishwashers the argument has moved from, who does the washing, drying up etc to who fills the dishwasher and who empties it.