View Full Version : hitchhiker's gide to the galaxy?

17-05-2005, 16:11
Anyone has seen it already? Ever heard of an official russian release?


17-05-2005, 16:20
Yes - Good if you have never read the books - watched the TV Show or listened to the radio prog either ....

If you have done any of the above then you will be left a little ..how to say ..well just empty ..

They tried to pack too much in and the actors don't get the parts ...apart from Tim from the office who plays a passable Arthur Dent ....

Marvin steals the show ...which is sad because Alan Rickman doesn't quite convey the enormous depression that is Marvin ...

Go see - but I bet you won't go back for a second time ...

17-05-2005, 17:33
ah..of all the above i have only read the book, and i remember being absolutely astonished, though i can't recall at once what was exactly the fabula...

well, i will probably (is the copy right investigator still here?) buy a pirated copy then... at least it won't be so dissapointing...

( i can imagine him now tracing down my ip-address, brrrr...scary:))

17-05-2005, 22:18
Radio series was superior to all that followed. Its sad that not many people now listen to series (so well written) on the radio, you have to use so much more of your imagination and its so much more rewarding.
OH bring back steam radio and Dck Tracy....................

18-05-2005, 11:40
You can buy the Radio series on tape or CD - as you say ..the order of pref is books, radio series, TV show, then the film ...

There is talk of another film - seems Walt Disney are happy with the result - ie it made money ..

Just hope they cast another Zaphod !

03-06-2005, 17:56
I hadn't listened to the radio version or read the book, and I found the film disappointing. A few good bits, but by and large just boring and silly.

Basically, there's no point to the film if it doesn't get laughs. If it's not funny, it's nothing. And most of it simply wasn't funny - in the cinema I was in at least, people hardly laughed at all. To use one example of the film's crap humour - the "goodbye and thanks for all the fish" line is quite amusing when it's said, but the long "thanks for all the fish" song which follows wears the joke out, and becomes just gratuitous and pointless. This is representative of the film's general unfunniness.

05-06-2005, 01:28
Just viewed a film - and had a disppointment:
1. Translation
2. Unavoidable and inescapable sequel
3. The lousy look of The Great Prosthetnic Vogon


05-06-2005, 04:08
The DVD IS available here. I just saw a pirate copy at a Belorusskoye metro kiosk. It's a kiosk that I frequent, and their idea of 'v kachestve' (decent quality copy) is usually about one notch below mine. So, when they told me that the quality was 'not too hot', I understood that it was probably gonna be a disappointing 'screen copy' or 'ekranka' in the truest sense of the word.

It's opening, according to a friend, at the Dome Theatre on June 16th (in English), so I think I'm gonna wait for that instead of buying a really poor quality pirate copy made with a hand-held cam-corder.

06-06-2005, 11:12
Hal is correct -- from June 16 at Dome Cinema. check www.domecinema.ru for showtimes/etc.

Broken Arrow
15-06-2005, 14:13
Hey that movie is really stupid and boring. The DVD's are already available. Buying that DVD, and watching it for almost two hours, I wasted my time.

15-06-2005, 14:17
Yeah, I gotta say: the books were 100x better than this movie, unfortunately. The acting was pretty good, but something just didn't feel right about the movie...

15-06-2005, 14:23
never read the book, never listened to the radio programme, got dragged by friends to the film expecting to hate it, was pleasantly surprised - thought it was pretty funny...

if you love the books it may be disappointing, but if you come with no expectations it may be good fun...

29-06-2005, 14:12
it was silly movie, but I had good company to keep me busy for 2 hours/haven't heard somebody laughing though...