View Full Version : Svyaz at the Dacha

17-05-2005, 15:46
Does anyone have experience with anything other than dialup outside of the MKAD? Our phone line is horrible at the dacha, so we cannot do dialup. No DSL is available either. I'm hoping someone offers radiorelay at a reasonable price about 12 km from the MKAD? Anyone? Suggestions?

17-05-2005, 16:54
GPRS does the trick

17-05-2005, 18:06
And what sort of speed can you get with GPRS? Is it fast enough to handle a skype call?

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17-05-2005, 18:32
GPRS is a max of 40Kbit/s. Not much different then your standard dial-up if I am not mistaken.

17-05-2005, 18:53
About that much of nominal x-fer speed. In practice works up to twice as fast due to the limitations of the old suburban phone stations.

If you're lucky and Skylink works where you live you can get much speedier access. Their service stinks though.

18-05-2005, 04:00
You can get DSL out in Mendeleevo.

18-05-2005, 07:48
Try entering your phone number at www.stream.ru to see if stream can service you.

We entered our number from the Odintsovo area and it seems to work - at least it said it was possible so far. I filled out the online form yesterday and am waiting for a rep from stream to get back to us.

We might be spending the summer at the dacha, so a good internet connection will be necessary.

I also was told you can get good internet from a sat dish but have no clue how this works. Another good idea would be to drive around the area and look for ads plastered around like "Internet vashom posyolki" for local providers?