View Full Version : Sprog-friendly eateries.

Josey Wales
17-05-2005, 15:10
Can anyone recommend any good children-friendly central/centralish restaurants?

(.....apart from the American Bar and Grill at Zemlyanoi Val, that is.)


18-05-2005, 13:05
We like the William Bass pub, on Bolshaya Yakimanka, by the President Hotel. It has a children's play room, and a childminder on staff. Good solid English food and beer.

Starina Muller on Vorontsovsky (Metro Proletarskaya) has a children's playroom at the weekend - it's a German beer hall.

Both of these are cheap and cheerful, and we have never had any complaints about the service. Starina Muller has really good service - they don't do anything special, just fast, accurate, and pleasant.

Don't go to the place on the corner of Tryokhprudny pereulok, round the back of Patriarch's ponds, just opposite the Children's hospital. Can't remember the name (something Czech related, if I remember rightly). Our neighbour's daughter had her birthday there, and the service was dreadful.

Josey Wales
18-05-2005, 14:29
tgma, thanks for the tips. much appreciated.

DJ Biscuit
18-05-2005, 17:24
Mir Pizzi (Pizza World) with locations on Smolenskaya and Krasnaya Presnaya, near the John Bulls and owned by the John Bull/William Bass/Shesh Besh/China City/Molly Gwuins people does special children's entertainment on Saturday's with clowns etc and the food is good.

19-05-2005, 09:38
We tried Mir Pizza, and it wasn't bad. I thought of listing it, but we only went there once, as there is a better pizza place (Verona) within walking distance of our house, just opposite Starina Muller on Vorontsovskaya.

Oh, and the Diner on Mayakovskaya has children's entertainment on weekend mornings