View Full Version : What I learned about Sberbank ATMs

16-05-2005, 15:06
Just thought I would pass on something that I discovered this weekend. I often use Sberbank cashpoints, as they are the easiest way to withdraw cash on an Amex card.

My initial attempt to get cash was rejected with the response: "We are unable to process your request at this time". I thought it was something to do with systems not talking to each other because it was Sunday, so prepared to leave, but something nagged at the back of my mind that I had entered the wrong PIN.

So I tried again, got the PIN right, and got my cash.

So the lesson is, if the Sberbank machine tells you that it can't process your request, then this may be because you entered the wrong PIN.

Oh, I have run into some ATMs that, when you use them in English, hang about halfway through the transaction. If you then use the same card, but go through the Russian menus, there is no problem.