View Full Version : how to make password prompt page go away???

13-05-2005, 14:33
The last job i had made me leave my (personal) computer unattended, only to find people at it when i got back... so i put a password prompt on it that came up when the system timed out and also upon startup. How i did it? no idea (i can do stuff, but have no idea how i did it...) I no longer want the windows welcome page when i start up, i want it to go just to my desktop....i tried getting rid of the password, but now it still comes up and i click the little kitty icon and get to the desktop.
do i just delete myself as a user? will that do it?

13-05-2005, 18:10
Don't delete the user, if you have windows XP
1) go to control pannel and under user account select the user and remove the password.
2) in display properties in screen saver uncheck the box "On resume, password protect, i think it will work out, if not PM me and leave your contact i'll guide you by phone.


13-05-2005, 18:15
i knew it was something to do with that, but couldn't find it...THANKS for your help!