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13-07-2010, 13:22
I hope this question is something I do not have to put into practice but I do need some guidance.

I married in Moscow in 2007, unfortunately due to lack of work I had to return to the UK the same year. Now I am based in the UK and have been going "Home" whenever possible. My wife has never been to the UK and has put off coming as it seemed easier for me to travel there. Sadly it's not working and due to some other circumstances namely here family and friends the marriage seems to be going down the pan rapidly - I am sort of hoping it is repairable but am lining myself up for the worst. Neither of us are young she is 53 and I am 50, as far as I am concerned the flat in Moscow is her's and she has no ties into any finances I have here in the UK.

How does one start divorce proceedings and how complicated is it, for instance would I need to return to Russia to complete it?

Any advice would be appreciated...

13-07-2010, 13:39
Translated with Google:

In accordance with paragraph 1 of article. 160 Family Code, the dissolution of a marriage between citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens or stateless persons, as well as marriages between foreign nationals in the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with Russian law.

Clause 3 of Article 33 of the Federal Law of 15.11.1997 № 143-FZ "On Acts of Civil Status" provides for registration of the will of the spouses for divorce individual statements.

In accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 33 of the Federal Law of 15.11.1997 № 143-FZ "On acts of civil status, if one spouse is unable to appear in the registry office of state for filing a declaration under paragraph 2 of this article , the will of the spouses may be issued separate statements on divorce. Signature of spouse of such a declaration is not legally possible to come to the registry of civil status, to be notarised.

This situation may arise due to the inability of spouses to fill both the application for divorce and jointly submit it to the registry of civil status (for example, if the spouses reside or are located in different places and the joint submission of an application for them is difficult).

Application for divorce from a person who is unable to personally present at his filing, may be forwarded by mail or sent by courier. The law provides no right to lodge a separate application for divorce only if the applicant has a valid reason why the applicant can not be denied admission of this statement, except that improper registration.

The date of application for divorce is the date when the application was actually transferred to an official - a worker registry office.

In statements to the registrar to set the dates and time of state registration of the divorce between the spouses.

Each of the spouses at any time prior to the date of state registration of dissolution of marriage, said in a statement, has the right to refuse divorce and withdraw its application. In this case, the dissolution of a marriage between the spouses will be possible only through the courts, and civil registry offices do not have the right to refuse to withdraw the application and make the state registration of divorce.

Dissolution of marriage and divorce registration carried out in accordance with Clause 3, Article. 19 Family Code Authority registrar's office at the expiry of one month from the date of application for divorce. This decrease or increase in this period, the legislation is not provided.

13-07-2010, 13:41
Divorce lawyers

The web site is in Russian but since they work with foreigners I assume that they have English speaking staff.