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12-05-2005, 14:04
I have seen some web pages offering all kinds of “adventures” in and around Moscow but I would like to know if someone has had any experience of these. Suggestions, recommendations.

03-06-2005, 16:58
look at http://www.dropzone.ru/alferievo.shtml
I was there with my fried last autumn, she jumped twice there and survived.
hopefully you will also ;-)

20-06-2005, 17:50
I experienced parachute jumping last summer in Chekhov (Chekhov airfield). The event took all day including studies and practical training. It was outstanding!
All they equipments looked pretty shabby, but they’ve been very tough about security.

21-06-2005, 10:46
I go parachuting here most weekends at Vatulino, near Mozhaisk. If you are a beginner, this is the best place to go. See www.parashut.com for details or PM me.
The old club at Chekhov is now defunct, sadly, but all the good old boys who ran it are now at Vatulino.

The stock reaction from expats who don't know what they are talking about is that to go parachuting here, you must have a screw loose. This is crap. Parachuting was first developed in this country in a big way in the 1930s, and the instructors here are highly experienced, professional people who take the thing very seriously. The military style kit you use for your first jump might be old, but it is very reliable, and that's the main thing.

22-06-2005, 22:19
Just more info about Volokolamsk:
You should call there before comming, because not every day is the suitable for such activities.
When you come, you get 20minutes of briefing, you jump several times from the body of old plain, which rests on the ground - just to train the right angle of jump from plane (not to hit the plane). Other few jumps from 2m high platform shall give you feeling of landing.
After this you are ready for your first jump. (all instructions are in Russian, when I was there nobody spoke English)
I personally went through the instructing, the enthusiasm of people from the airport just get you. I was very close to jump also. What stopped me, were my shoes and clothes. You need the boots that will protect your ankles and the clothes that coudl be teared.
If you are looking for adventure and you are not afraid of injury, you will like it. (about 20 persons jumped that day first or second time, only one of them hurt his leg.)
If you need more info, send me PM.