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12-07-2010, 15:04
Hello everyone,

Was wondering if you can help. A couple of weeks ago I was searching online for apartments in Moscow. For some resaon I really can't find or remember the site anymore. It started with ".r...dot ru" and it is not real dot ru, realtor dot ru

Also if you have any recommendations for other good sites that list apartments for rent in Moscow that would great (I am aware of cian, mian and incom)

Many thanks

elliotts :whisper:

PS - this is for long term rental not holiday apartments

PPS - sorry for the "dot" thingy but I am new hereand am not allowed to post links at the moment

06-08-2010, 23:50
Have no idea about the one that you've been to, might be realestate.ru or something connecting to the thing.

As I faced the same problem a month ago and started on the research of my own, i figured out that there are a lot of sites offering accommodation searches, most of them claiming to do hand-to-hand communication between landlord and you. In reality we face that the most of them just a baits of the real estate agents.

Try cian.ru, it's in Russian though, it's still having some agents involved, but at least they have some reasonable prices there!

Speaking sincerely, i'm still on the go with accommodation search, it's true that Moscow doesn't have equality in treating locals and expats. Expats are the objects for overrated charges and unreasonable money exploitation.

IMHO of course! Everybody got the experience of their own!:mooooh:

26-08-2010, 11:21

thanks for your reply. I had lost my password and no access to my initial email account so didn't even see your reply. Good news though. I found a lovely place in the meantime, actually the contact to the agent came through cian but the appartment wasn't listed there. He doesn't speak English but with the help of a Russian friend that wasn't a problem. Even better news is that the Landlady was around for the viewing and in this way we estabilshed a very good relationship. She speaks English as she has a daughter in the US and maybe because of that was quite understanding with regards to having a foreigner in her place. So all good now. She even bought additional furniture I wanted to buy myself. Last time when she was around to collect the money she saw the new mirror I bought from Ikea (there were only tiny ones in the flat) and she gave me the money back! So all happy here.