View Full Version : connecting my DVD player or TV to my stereo

11-05-2005, 16:21
Help or advice needed for someone not very technical minded.
I have a decent sized TV with a variety of plugs and connectors at the back. I have a PS2 which I use as my DVD player. I have an old but fairly decent Sony stereo system.
I want to connect the TV/PS2 bit to my stereo so when I watch DVDs I can play the sound through my stereo for a better effect.
How do I do it?
What connections do I need to look for and what cable do I connect to where?
Many thanks in advance, and please no technical jargon

11-05-2005, 16:34
I would imagine that on the bak of your stereo, you have two "aux" jacks. Depending on how old your system is, you might have two "Video" jacks. These will usually be where the speakers are plugged in.

I don't reaaly know what a PS2 DVD player is, but I assume that it has some kind of "Audio Out" plugs.

That's what I'd be looking for. When you turn the DVD on, make sure your stereo input selection is, appropriately, switched to "Aux" or "Video".

Hope that helps.

11-05-2005, 17:17
There are 3-cords-out from PS2. They havae 3 RCA sockets. Yellow one is Video (you plug it into your TV) red and white RCA are accordingly right and left channel audio, you have to plug them into Your Stereo system (search for AUX input, or any other stereo inputs as mentioned above). PS2 also has optical digital audio out, so You can connect it with AV receiver (if you have one).