View Full Version : Car thief

03-10-2003, 16:50
Yesterday there was a news about a well known vocalist who was dealing in foreign cars which were stolen! I suggest all of you whoever has expensive cars bought from dealers go and check it up with the local Militsias!

03-10-2003, 17:21
Was Kobzon the vocalist?

03-10-2003, 17:22
Or just change the plates and get a respray. ;-)

03-10-2003, 17:27
no it is not him, he is a nice man!

it was a very young guy with the beard, I forgot his name, they were also showing his music album a little bit now and then!

Broadmoor Bob
03-10-2003, 17:33
Kobzon is on a level way, way above (or way, way below) stealing cars.