View Full Version : how to SURVIVE the heatwave

09-07-2010, 20:29
i definitely like the one tip, down last, stick ice packs into the underwear...
and don't forget, stock up on candles, the power-grid WILL collapse and we all sit in the dark for a few days. Might be a good idea to empty out the freezer, otherwise there will be a big cookout when the power is out for 2 or three days.
or instead of vanilla and chocolate ice cream you can use vanilla and chocolate SAUCE on your fruit salad.


make sure they have always a bowl with fresh cold water,cool them down with a wet towel, or give them a cold shower, they for sure are even more hot under their fur then you under your skin.
if you can, when go for a walk, take the dog to a place where there is water, so he also can have a swim and cool of.