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08-05-2005, 15:06
Anyone know where I can but the sort of starch for shirts that is already in a solution and that you spray on just prior to ironing said garment??

Also, the name of the product would be helpful...(or is it simply Krakhmal?).



08-05-2005, 15:45
it's not Krahmal actually.

There are some sprays for ironing. I used to buy 'Jubilee spray' but there are some other ones. Try and ask for a "sprey dlya glazhki s effektom krahmala" in some supermarkets.

Billie Bob
08-05-2005, 16:06
there are quite a few starch sprays, Id say just about every major store has them available, just go to the laundry soap area... They are all talk thin cans.

German Henkel brand "PERLA"
крахмальный распылитель.

British brand "Charm"

I bought these two last year, dont ask me where, but major stores...

btw, want to iron my shirts?

08-05-2005, 17:59
Thanks, guys!

Seems it's another case of me looking with my eyes closed!!

Billie Bob - You'd be far better off getting someone who knows how to do a decent job of it!;)

08-05-2005, 18:05
I can't be of any help either as I'm only good at ironing my shoe-laces!