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06-05-2005, 16:17
I have to get a new visa in August, and I'm looking for advice on where to go. My situation is a bit complicated, though. The issues involved:

I have two-year old twins, and we're all British passport holders. So, for example, a visa trip to Kiev would cost 3x$500 just for the visas. My company pays a maximum $250 to cover the whole thing.
I need to be able to do this quickly, ie within 2-3 days, for the sake of my sanity. With regard to coping with two kids, Tallinn would've been a good idea had it still offered a same-day service, but the new minimum 5-day service has blown that idea out of the water. Could I just turn up with the kids and appeal to their humanity to process it quickly anyway?
My wife is Belarussian, so anywhere in the Baltics or EU would mean she would need a visa too.
I saw an article on this in a magazine recently(http://www.passportmagazine.ru/article/104/, but I suspect it may be out of date already. Any information on up-to-date visa cost and turnaround time on embassies in nearby countries would be greatly appreciated.



06-05-2005, 17:21
What about Hungary? They did my ME in 3 days, worked out fine... not sure though if the processing time has changed, that was in October. You have to start the invitation process 3-4 weeks in advance.

06-05-2005, 17:30
How much was the visa, and do you know if it can be processed in the same day? I guess air fares to Budapest are $300-$400...which could push the total cost up to nearly $2,000.

I will have an invitation from my company -- I just need to pick a convenient destination.

06-05-2005, 17:36
you are not taking into account hotel and all transporation costs, oopps i see you just did,
had all this s*** 2 weeks ago pm you number and i will phone you,with a hopeful solution a the name of the vice consul who took pity on me,same day one year biz

06-05-2005, 17:43
kiev is not my choice but travel is cheap ,and from may1 eu holders dont need visa,as for the embassy i have no idea you will need to call.
i was in sydney 2 years ago with my wife and kid touring oz for 3 months then i noticed my visa was dead,on coming to the russian consulte we asked for a private visa for family members for me as she is russian ,...........yes she has to go to moscow and apply to the local ovirand then send it to you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,after believing what was just said i asked for the consul who came out gave the worker the most dirty look and siad come back tomorrow and collect it .............some of these guys have a heart of gold

06-05-2005, 17:50
I was thinking about just going to Tallinn anyway and pleading ignorance about the turnaround time, perhaps get the kids to cry on the spot, etc.

On one hand I don't want to rely on backroom arm-twisting, but unfortunately I don't think I have much choice...unless I decide to fork out a tonne of cash.

Kiev would be a good choice apart from the fact that the visas cost $500, so $1,500 just for those. I'm beginning to think there is no quick & cheap way. Thank crikey I'm not an English-language teacher, or else this would bankrupt me!

06-05-2005, 18:06
i dont mind helping people but hate typing,there are new rules in the counties of the former states ,they will charge you the equivilent sum that you would pay at london,i saw the tariff sheet myself asked my nationality and charged accordingly ,told me on the phone same day is possible but..............only if the city to be visited is mos or st pete ,tallin and riga are being used by private agencies so they are chocka block,i used vilnius ,as i had some other cities on my invite it changed from 30mins to 5 working days ,now i can usually find a common way to communicate with the most stubborn offical,but they were not budging ,after waiting to speak to the consul,who looked like a right hard ass ,i emerged victorious with a me one year after 15mins of getting his green light,..
there was a us guy who had been refused a fast visa in riga and travelled down .the fact you are doing this with kids will help but better plan ahead,why not put the kids in your passport then they can trasvel with you free no visa required

06-05-2005, 18:12
your kids have dual citizenship or what

06-05-2005, 18:45
Belarus doesn't allow dual passports, though we're going to try to get them anyway as it would save some hassle.

They have their own passports -- that's the way they do it these days.

Thanks for the reply.