View Full Version : Dhl Or Tnt Whos Best For Service

04-05-2005, 18:27
have used dhl for a long time but lately the service is a bit poor,and they really dont care about the small guys
has anyone tried tnt or other firms for document delivery from mos to europe,is so how do your prices compare .

12-05-2005, 18:31
About DHL service - You are right!...... Seeing A BIG PROBLEM with them right now!! They had to deliver my letter to Moscow by 18.00 today! They hadn't!!! Now I have to go to their office and MAYBE I will get it today!.... It's impossible!..... Everybody tell my: "Dear! Don't forget: We are in Russia!"

13-05-2005, 17:00
I have used TNT for North American (Canada) deliveries with complicated routing and instructions and they were excellent, but the price is more expensive than DHL or others!

Best deal is to call them (095) 797-2777.