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02-05-2005, 20:38
There must be 20 million posters around town advertizing the 60th anniversary celebration. These posters are great. I've seen them in shops and restaurants and bus stops, papered on billboards and pillars and walls.

I especially like the poster with the 2 retired vetrans, an older man and woman in dress uniforms proudly displaying their commemorative medals. I really want one or more of these. I've seen them in a couple of different sizes. If anyone has access to these posters now, or wants to get rid of some after the holiday is over, I want them!!

I'd be willing to pay a few rubles for poster(s) in perfect condition or I'd be happy to have them for free. There are so many of them around, surely someone on Expat knows where I might get them or has extras? :D

02-05-2005, 22:20
I haven't seen any of the ones you're referring to, Peng, but there's a fantastic store for Soviet 'kitsch' souvenirs in the Museum of Soviet History (across from the Tverskaya TGIF's and the Chevrolet Trinity auto-dealership). They have fantastic (and what look to be authentic) Soviet posters covering everything you can imagine. I got my mother (a Librarian) a wonderful 40's era poster stating, " Information is knowledge ! Citizens, take care of books and libraries !". It cost something like 200 rubles.

If the store is still there, sounds like you might enjoy a trip there !

03-05-2005, 00:11
I'm not really into Soviet kitch. I like these posters because they're here and now, not just some reproduction of memorabilia.

Great scott, I can't believe you haven't seen them. I can't go 20 feet in any direction and not see one. You have been outside the last few days?

03-05-2005, 09:46
The big bookshop on Tverskaya has a whole bunch of May 9th posters, running from around 60 - 120 roubles.

Go into the middle section of the store, and they're on the back wall, near the literature in foreign languages and the cards.

Good luck!

Chubby Hubby
05-05-2005, 00:46
I've seen a billion of them too - I think every other shop near my metro station has the one with the two old fogies... I can imagine the caption:

"I spent my share of time on the front lines, but the Krauts didn't turn my hair white.... your grandmother did!"

05-05-2005, 15:10
So did you get your posters, Peng?