View Full Version : credit card currency conversion fees

30-04-2005, 17:36
Amendment after posting: After a bit of research, I'm finding that many or most of the U.S.-based Visa / Mastercard cc's are having an extra 2.0% added on to foreign currency transactions. Those whose credit cards are issued through U.S. institutions may wish to check on whether or not their card(s) are going to be hit with this fee increase.
Original posting: I just received word from the U.S. bank that issued my principal-use credit cards that they're instituting a foreign currency conversion fee. One of the main reasons I stuck with them for as long as I have was because they didn't charge a conversion fee!

Anyone have good experience with a U.S.-based credit card that doesn't charge those stinky conversion fees? (Other banks are an option, of course. U.S. options would simply be more convenient at this point, due to travel patterns, etc!)

That's probably my main interest - I don't carry a balance from month to month, so interest rates are not a significant issue for me. I'm not much interested in paying an annual fee, if it can be avoided, but would be willing to give it a go in favor of not having the currency conversion fees. I'm not yet sold on debit cards, so have tended to stay away from them...so far....