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29-04-2005, 18:39
We just moved to Moscow a month ago and are having some (serious) problems with the landlord, not the least of which is that he won't agree to register us. What's up with that?

We want to get a live-in nanny and we expect to have friends and family visit, but how does one deal with the registration issue?

Any help for a newcomer would be greatly appreciated.


29-04-2005, 19:12
hes afraid of being found out tax wise ,normal paranoia,if you push him and your paying plenty he might budge ,but i have had some who would rather lose you as a client ,or to get leverage on the situation pm me

11-05-2005, 15:10
if you landlord refuses to register you, then you need to find a friend who owns an apartment. they can register you in their apartment. this is the only real way to get registration as a foreigner for a long term stay. the paperwork is straightforward and the fee is around 500 rubles (although subject to change!)

then, the only trouble you might possibly have is if the militsia come -to your apartment- needing to look at anything, (then you hem and haw and say you are visiting friends, of course.)

11-05-2005, 16:04
Another option is to enlighten your landlord to Administrative code regulations setting a fine that he is supposed to pay for not registering people whom he lets live in his flat which is not a lot 2,000-1,500 rubles. However if he gets charged once local militia will pay attention on what he does further. If he lets new tenants in without regeitering them he will be fined again and there will be a problem for all his tenants to live there which is obviously not good for "business".

As for not paying taxes. Here's an option to avoid such problem: having 2 contracts

1) one is a normal agreement on renting a flat.
2) another one is a contract on use of a flat (royalty free). Some call it "a contract for the gratuitous use of property".

Obviously a second contract is presented to all local authorities for the purpose of registration. Sometimes it is required to get it notarised but it shouldn't be a problem I suppose.