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Green Tea
28-04-2005, 11:35
Where can I find cheap Bourbon whiskey in Moscow? Bourbon and Coke is my favorite drink and I am getting tired of paying premium prices for Jack or Beam. I know it's available somewhere, because last time I flew out of Sheremetyevo I picked up 1L of some cheapo Bourbon for $7-8 (as I recall). Any ideas?



Green Tea
29-04-2005, 13:15
C'mon! 35 views and no one knows where to find cheapo Yank Hooch ?

29-04-2005, 21:14
There is no place to buy cheap bourbon in Moscow. American bourbon is expensive here. Even the cheap stuff like Jack Daniels. Hence the lack of answers.

You're gonna fork over 1,000 rubles per bottle or go without. Maybe rum and coke? Rum seems to be cheaper.

30-04-2005, 11:00
cheapest i have found is Old Ezra 101 Proof 7 yr. for 1100 rubles at Aromatni Mir - actually Jim Beam is about the same, maybe a bit cheaper

never seen any for $8 though

30-04-2005, 12:36
Another option is to develop a friendship with someone who works at the American Embassy or who has duty-free priveledges with a firm like Peter Justesen.