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Moscow Wolf
27-04-2005, 17:54
Any budding jewellers out there or does anyone know how the price of gold jewellery i.e. chains and bracelets etc. are reached?

Reason I ask is because a local shop has a 40 - 50% discount on at the moment as they're going to close for renovation. But, I wouldn't know if the original price was extortionate, doubled especially for the sale or usual. This is 750 'proba' white gold neck chain (I think that 'proba' is the Russian equivalent of our carats - 750 = 22 carat?)

So I guess if you know the market price of gold per ounce or gramm (I assume its Russian Gold, but didn't ask) then, you should add a percentage for the workmanship, (factory or handmade) purity of the gold, a percentage for profit etc and I suppose taxes.

Besides the colour, what if any, is the difference in price between gold and white gold? I won't add yet that the chain I'm interested in buying also has small diamonds mounted in the fastening clip which would also add to the overall price.

27-04-2005, 18:24
It is worth going to Dubia, I just spebt around $10k on stuff, got it valued here, worth nearly 3 times as much.

My misses has this think for rose gold at the moment, looks great actually...

27-04-2005, 18:37
That's right, white gold is from Dubai and the cheapest place to buy it i believe.
That might mean it would also be the place where you would be quoted the lowest re-sale price too.

Moscow Wolf
27-04-2005, 18:38
Heard similar about Bishkek as they mine it in the mountains nearby, but I wouldn't know if it was 9, 18, 22 carat or brass. You can get taken to the cleaners if you're not careful! Plus a lot of folks don't like the yellow colour of Russian or CIS Gold. However, white gold is white gold I guess or possibly heavy aluminium in my case!

Note to self - remind Russian Customs that MoscowMail is a gold smuggler (cavity searches).

Moscow Wolf
27-04-2005, 18:43
Think MM means Dubia in former Yugoslavia, but I could be wrong. Dubai, is about the best place to buy a number of genuine luxury items, I'm told. OK if you're taking in a holiday at the same time, but expensive just to fly there for a day's shopping with $500 bucks in your backpocket! wink.

27-04-2005, 20:19
i think the three contenders for the best value are egypt,turkey and dubai have bought from all three and i think dubai was the best quality ,however turkeys factorys have a nice system of choosing there and then paying at there agent in moscow which is good as if you find out you were ripped off then you can pay them a visit,and get your cash back.
i also have a friend how has a chain of shops in moscow and they buy all the merchandise from dubai so it sounds like you have a few choices.

27-04-2005, 20:25
Bog off wolfie, I am illigitmate ermm illiteraetret.. dohh, you know what I mean :suspect: