View Full Version : new visa rules in riga and vilnius

27-04-2005, 17:11
they have stopped doing same day visa for uk and us passportholders stating that now the min is 6 working days,had experiance yesterday in vilnius and someone was trying again in vilnius after being refused same day in riga..
after a conversation with the consul i managed to get mine done , but fair warning to everyone .......and yes i phoned the previous day and was told everything would be ok, make sure on your invite it states only mosow and not any southern cities and maybe you can wrangle yourself clear.
also on the internet site it states 150us for same day process......this is for i suppose locals going to russia but they are now charging the uk rate which is 200 sterling and if you pay 10 us more its done in 20 minutes,for which i was pleased to say the least.
if going get there before 8am as the gates open and the waiting line gets to about 20 at 9am but its the most friendly proffesional service i have had .onsite photo copying service tables chairs friendly staff ,helps if you speak a little russian .also dont be put off by the line as its mainly locals going to kaliningrad,once inside the window for russian visa to moscow is empty .my total time was one hour and half to get it in my hand that included waiting for the consul for 30 mins so actually not bad.also night flight there and back so for people who want to get in and out its perfect.