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22-06-2010, 04:32
Hi all, I'll be spending a year in Moscow on a Fulbright starting in September. Looking forward to gleaning whatever insights I can from the site before my arrival :)

22-06-2010, 09:04
Hi DrAtomic, welcome to the forum. feel free to ask us your questions :)

22-06-2010, 09:10
Fulbright? What an opportunity! We're all happy for you here. Hope you enjoy your stay. This site should help you get all the info you need prior to your arrival. You'll also find this site useful while you're here for things like local events and outings.

27-06-2010, 22:52
Hello DrAtomic and welcome to the Expat.ru forums!

So you're a Fulbright? Well, I'm a halfbright! Nice to meet you!

This site has a lot of great information, interesting discussions and helpful people. I hope that it is a true resource for you during your stay!


All the best!
Mud :)