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25-04-2005, 15:23
Can anyone tell me if there is an English radio station or program on air in Moscow? I was told that there was but haven't found it yet.

25-04-2005, 15:25
Can anyone tell me if there is an English radio station or program on air in Moscow? I was told that there was but haven't found it yet.

I don't know of any local stations. There is the BBC World Service, which jumps between English and Russian, but you can get sport, news, some music and some other stuff when the English programs are on.

Try looking here:


Green Tea
25-04-2005, 15:26
On the AM dial you can get BBC world and Voice of America. Although reception isn't so great on BBC.

Buy a short wave radio and you can get a lot of English, including really good reception for Chinese State radio (in English, all propoganda), it's very funny!!! :)

Green Tea
25-04-2005, 15:27
Oh, and remember that internet radio is always an option!

25-04-2005, 16:13
Yeah BBC have all their programs on the radio streamed on the net, well expect for the odd sports program... and in some cases you can listen upto 7 days afterwards....

best to use an unlimted internet account if you use it a lot though!

25-04-2005, 20:48
I get about 10 English radio stations. Gotta love London morning traffic reports in Moscow? The DJ's yammer endlessly and there are at least 20 minutes of commercial per hour.

KosmosTV cable channels 610 through 620something. And every one of them sucks.

DirectTV I loved you.....

Moscow Wolf
25-04-2005, 20:55
There was a time when Radio 7 Hills had American presenters, but...............

Anyway, what you want to watch and listen to music for!! What you need is a Kitten to occupy you. I have one in mind, Pentium 6. You'd just love him!!

ghost 6-3
25-04-2005, 21:43
Voice of America: 810 MW. For some reason, the morning programme, which runs in English 'till 09.00 is from the VOA Africa Service. Oh, well.

BBC is on 1260 MW. English from 24.00 'till 07.00, weekdays. English kicks back in around 10.15. Russian business news at 12.15. And so on.

Sadly, Finnish radio discontinued its English service last year. Radio Netherlands still has an English service, but I don't know where it is.

26-04-2005, 07:38
Thanks for all that.

Unfortunately my internet access is limited to short sessions using a dial up connection, otherwise I would be listening to my favourite Aussie stations all day. So I will check out the radio stations that have been mentioned. As for the kitten suggestion, I have a one year old who keeps me more than busy enough! :)


26-04-2005, 19:02
Hey, roni,

Do you read Russian? There is a great website with all kinds of stations available in Moscow (and beyond) http://www.guzei.com/radio/. See if that can be of help.