View Full Version : Best Mercedes NOT made in Germany!

20-06-2010, 07:54
Luxury brands topped the list, with Acura and Mercedes-Benz holding the second and third spots. Daimler, which makes the Mercedes-Benz, had the best performing plant, an assembly facility in East London, South Africa.
(I copied this piece from an article on yahoo)
And that is nothing new. when i was in south africa from 71 to 83 i bought one from there. due to the apartheid regime many things were impossible, so MB set up a plant in South Africa. And it was not general knowledge. One could say the cars were more or less nearly handmade since the number produced was not that big. and as far as i know, while not with a stamp in the book, most Merce's sold in africa came at that time form port elizabeth....:thumbsup: